Your Questions Answered

Style & Approach

How would you describe your photography style?

Our brand of photography style can be described as honest & creative reportage delivered with a dreamy aesthetic. Coming from creative and design backgrounds, we focus on capturing the story of your precious wedding day, letting the most emotionally captivating moments shine through, whilst ensuring it is always accompanied with a intimate and honest visual style.

Every wedding is unique and happens in such a short space of time, so our mission is to capture the essence of your day so you can re-live it for a lifetime.

Our approach is to let the day unfold naturally without getting in the way.  Our job is to make you feel relaxed and enjoy the day. You’re at your best when you feel comfortable, which is why our belief is a great photographer needs to work within any environment they find themselves in.

We’re really camera shy, can you help?

Posing in front of camera can feel scary or daunting, but rest assured, our job is to make you as comfortable as possible. Within every person is a great story and photo, so we’ll be there to help coach and guide you along the way. As long as you enjoy the day, you’ll look great on camera!

A great way to get comfortable is to organise an engagement photoshoot where you can have fun, express yourselves and take great photos for the big wedding day. Take a look at our guide to a great engagement shoot: 10 reasons why you’ll love taking an engagement shoot.

Do you edit and touch up every photo you deliver?

Yes we go through a very strict editing process that conforms to our unique signature style. This will involve colour correction, adjusting exposures, tone-mapping and image adjustments. We will take very photo we deliver through this process where some photographers may decide to only produce “select” images.

Whats included in every booking?
  • A venue visit consultation where we discuss your day and get to know each other.
  • A beautifully presented online slideshow that tells your wedding day story. Share to your family and friends with a quick and easy weblink.
  • Minimum 500+ images in high resolution delivered on a secure web transfer. Each photo is high quality enough to print epic posters no matter how big or small! Longer wedding shoots will give you more photos.
  • Image editing, post processing and production.

Equipment & Technical

What equipment do you use?

Cameras and equipment don’t really define a great photographer, but they certainly help! We use Canon DSLRs and Canon L Lenses to capture your day. We usually bring several kits and ensure we’re sufficiently backed up if in the event equipment decides to have a sick day.

Take a look at our guide on our favourite pieces of kit and why every wedding photographer should own them.

What file format do you shoot in?

We shoot all our photos in RAW to retain and ensure maximum quality when we bring our photos into post processing and editing.

Do you backup our photos? How do we know you won’t lose our photos?

We’ve never lost a photo in any photoshoot and never want to get into this situation! We have a very robust workflow that cuts out problems in any event we cover:

  • During the shoot, we will continually back up on external hard drives after each major scenario during the day.
  • Our equipment allows us to save to two memory cards simultaneously to compensate for memory card corruption.
  • After the event, we back up all the RAW files onto a local server that has a mirrored RAID configuration. (in the scenario one hard drive in the server fails)
  • After post production and editing, we upload all the completed photos into our cloud storage.

General Questions

How far in advance should we contact you?

Most couples plan and book their weddings a year to a year and a half in advance. Saturdays on weekends are pretty limited during the spring and summer months so get in touch with us as soon as possible! Having said that, its always worth checking to see if we have availability!

How do I secure you for a booking?

Your date is secured and booked once we receive a signed contract and deposit. After this is completed you’re all set and good to go!

How far do you travel?

We absolutely love to travel, so whether its within the UK or internationally, no place is too far for us. For areas 100mi radius outside of South London & Bristol, we cover all travel for free. Any other travel arrangements can be discussed during consultations.

What happens if you’re unable to make our wedding?

This scenario has never happened to us, but we’re part of a network of photographers, so if the worst should happen, feel assured that you would not be left stranded without a photographer for your big day.

Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance.

Do you require meals on the day?

Yes please! Well fed photographers are healthier, happier and more productive.